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"We believe in functionality first. However luxurious, elegant, or beautiful, the interior must also be safe and suit the everyday needs of the client."


Concept Design

  • Alice                        98 M           Lürssen  |  Germany  |  Exterior Design - Lürssen |  Interior Design, Exterior Styling - Dasha Moranova Designs | 2021

  • M/Y Stella                29.9 M         Dutch Craft  |  The Netherlands  |  Interior Design, Exterior styling - Dasha Moranova Designs  | 2022

  • Senses                    83 M            Lateral, Naval Engineering Studio  | UK |  Interior & Exterior Design - Dasha Moranova Designs | 2023


  • M/Y Eclipse              162 M         Blohm & Voss | Germany | Delivery 2010 | Owner's Supply & Interior Manager

  • M/Y Luna                  115 M         Lloyd Werft | Bremerhaven, Germany | Delivery 2009 | Owner's Supply

  • M/Y Oberon              50 M         Amels & Damen | The Netherlands | Delivery 2009 | Owner's Supply

  • M/Y Kibo                   82 M         Abeking & Rasmussen | Germany | Delivery 2014 | Terence Disdale Design - Dasha Moranova Yacht Design Team 

  • M/Y Romea                 82 M          Abeking & Rasmussen | Germany | Delivery 2015 | Terence Disdale Design - Dasha Moranova Yacht Design Team 

  • M/Y Dilbar                156 M         Lürssen | Germany | Delivery 2016 | Andrew Winch Design - Dasha Moranova Yacht Design Team 


  • M/Y Zephyr              15 M          Feadship | Refit Unique Yachts  | The Netherlands | Delivery 2019  | Interior Design - Dasha Moranova Designs

  • M/Y DC56                15 M          Dutch Craft |  The Netherlands | Delivery 2022 | Interior Design - Dasha Moranova Designs

  • M/Y                          52M          Oceanco |  Trogir, Split Refit shipyard |  2023 - Current project  |  Interior & Exterior Design Dasha Moranova Designs

Yacht Design References



"Dasha Moranova Designs has set out to revolutionise the superyacht spa experience, with invisible technologies to create an AI-driven wellness project dubbed Senses". SUPERYACHT TIMES

A very unique Spa Experience built on innovative platform Free From Bulkheads (FFB). Senses is a sensory holistic design with AI driven technologies.

The FFB platform challenges traditional superyacht architecture enabling watertight bulkheads to terminate at the lower deck. The result is an unconstrained lower deck adjacent to the waterline, giving the potential for greater design innovation in layout and ultimately an elevated user experience.

Dasha Moranova Designs has harnessed this expansive space and conceived an innovative and tech-savvy health centre that takes wellness to new heights. This FFB platform has given us an opportunity to create a very unique open space that offers an almost 360-degree view of the ocean.


By using the latest invisible technologies, such as invisible wall panels and TV screens from VBH (Van Berge Henegouwen) and invisible Audio solutions from Sonance we were able to create a very tranquil environment to re-awaken your Senses. 

Interior flows seamlessly and they blend the interior and exterior design into outdoor-indoor spaces. It is equipped with numerous massagers including loungers that look directly out at sea and a solar massage room. Senses also has a steam room, a Finnish sauna, an ice bath and hot bath in the closed pod of -5C where snowflakes fall onto your body while you are soaking in the hot tub, or recharge in a cryotherapy capsule. Another unique feature is the steam shower complete with a large salt rock.. But it also has a lot more to offer. As the name suggests, Dasha Moranova Designs has created a full sensory approach to wellness and the spa also comes with sound healing, a smart console with integrated weight sensors. But most importantly all technology is hidden from us. VBH integrated invisible operational panels which appear only when you need them. Allowing guests to fully Relax, Recharge, Rejuvenate and re-awaken their senses.


Contact us for more informations.

Relax, Recharge and Rejuvenate.


    Press to watch the movie  CLIMATE NEUTRAL YACHT - ALICE - 98m    

German shipyard Lürssen has unveiled a 98 metre, emission-free concept inspired by Alice In Wonderland. MYS 2021

Dasha Moranova Designs created the Interior design, FF&E Exterior styling and 3D animation movie. You can watch the movie to fully discover this world of wonder Superyacht Alice, (98M)


Dasha is saying:
"Alice in Wonderland" was the brief which I received from the Lurssen Shipyard. All started as a project for Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg which slowly developed into the very first Superyacht concept design of this legendary shipyard. 
I designed the spaces as an endless wonder walk of discovery. I used only sustainable materials to enrich the unique story of this yacht design. Sustainability, Nature and wellbeing were the key words of the design. Magnificent architecture elements, open spaces, large windows bringing lots of natural light, high ceilings and many wonderful textures used throughout the vessel. Harmonious and peaceful. Design aim was to play with the imaginary and to place it into reality. Everything that you dream of can be found here.

M/Y ECLIPSE  (162 M)

M/Y Eclipse was first time published and presented to the world by BOAT International, April 2016



Representing the Owner's team, in a position of the Interior Manager, working closely with the shipyard and the designers, responsible for the Inspections on board, quality control and final Interior acceptances. In charge of the Owners supply items. 

Eclipse is a luxury superyacht constructed by Blohm + Voss shipyard in Hamburg, Germany. Her exterior and interior were designed by Terence Disdale Design. M/Y Eclipse was delivered to client in December 2010. 

M/Y LUNA (115 M)





Owner's team member for the new build of this Expedition Superyacht. Contracted by Blue Ocean Yacht Management.

At 115m long, Luna is the world's second largest Expedition superyacht. M/Y Luna was built at Lloyd Werft Bremenhaven, Germany at the same time as M/Y Eclipse and delivered to client in April 2010. Its exterior was designed by NewCruise and interior by Donald Starkey.

M/Y OBERON (50 M) ​ Shadow boat







Representing the Owners team, Interior Manager, Owners Supply Coordinator & Purchaser

Build and Refit division. 

M/Y ECLIPSE 162,5m, M/Y LUNA 115m, M/Y OBERON 50m  Other project I was invoved in: M/Y TRIPPLE SEVEN 68m, M/Y TITAN 78,3m 

M/Y KIBO was first time published and presented to the world by BOAT International, 2014


M/Y KIBO (82 M)





Senior Interior Designer position at Terence Disdale Design (TDD) in London, M/Y KIBO has a very relaxing and timeless design. Constructed and delivered to the client by Abeking & Rasmussen shipyard (Germany) in June 2014. 

M/Y Romea, Interior Images are presented on



M/Y Romea is a sister's boat to M/Y Kibo. We worked on this project at the same time as on M/Y Kibo. Constructed and delivered by Abeking & Rasmussen shipyard, (Germany) in February 2015. 





M/Y ROMEA (82 M)





When history comes to life - Heritage worldFEADSHIP HERITAGE FLEET,  The fast Cruiser Zephyr

Full refit /restoration of this 1939 De Voogt/ Feadship boat. Truly one of a kind! The main aim of this project was to keep the classical lines & traditional look, cherish the rich history and her times.  Softly adding some modern bespoke touches. This boat can comfortably accommodate 6 people. The owners added a small child cabin under the swimming platform. 

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